Slowing Down the Internet

All Obama had to do was raise the issue of Afghanistan / Pakistan to turn on the lever for being cyber punk’d. Obama delivered his speech on Friday, March 27, 2009 during the day. I was asleep during the day. However, I heard a lot of ceiling clicks (wiretappings) during this time frame. Once I woke up in the afternoon the ceiling clicks did not stop but continued at various intervals that were spread out. I later watched Obama give a speech on C-SPAN regarding Afghanistan / Pakistan. I get a very strong impression that going to war and turning off the cyber defense faucet is connected. Yet, when the opposing party objects (in the case of the Democratic party v the Republican party during G W Bush years) the faucet is turned off and the internet moves quickly. There are conflicting issues here as the NSA and law enforcement are clicking there way slowing down the internet, while Obama seeks to defeat terrorism in Afghanistan. Obama will fight extremism, which will remove the oppositions rhetoric that terrorism will enter through our southern border beside our neighbor. The NSA and law enforcement may set themself up if they continue their corrupt practices as it will all be documented. The Democratic majority will break them.

The ceiling clicks are illegal wiretappings, it is still occuring without FISA approval. Whoever is watching me can see everything I do. They wait, watching my every move when they slow down the internet. They want to see how I will react. If I journalize the experience they will step back just a little. Sure, I can document the occurrence. However, it is only when I threaten their power by blogging it do they step back and turn on my internet speed. Therefore, I ask that every citizen who is encountering these illegal practices to blog them. Otherwise, this pattern will continue whenever they decide to do so just like they did with the 2000 General Election. Their abuse of power should stop by overturning such laws of corruption.


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The Warrantless Wiretap Damage Control Campaign

The government, specifically the CIA and NSA are conducting a nationwide damage control campaign.  I have felt their abuse of power for the past 8 years and I am deeply irritated by it.  They are relentless in trying to change the mindset also known as social engineering.  I will report my findings in every instance from the past and present in upcoming posts.

Lately I have been having my NetZero dialup ISP log off a few times a day.  This has not been happening for the past 2-3 months but it has picked up recently.  I am concerned about this because I am a big believer that products should work all the time or else not be put out on the market.  I have come across some extremists who say that products do not always work and are apt to break.  My answer is if it is broken then fix it and fix it now.  I am not listening to the technical hype of using technological difficulties as a means to disrupt the political election process and create a digital divide.  When my hosting, GoDaddy, asked what ISP I am using because one of my websites was down for a short time and I called them up to give them hell about their false advertising of 99.9% uptime they tried to blame it on my ISP.  This was right before all those election primaries were to begin and I was not going to let the CIA nor NSA try to establish a server malfunction campaign so they could play with the electronic voting machine results and then blame it on a human error, no way I am not giving into that and neither should you.

This will all make sense once I add more experiences.  I can tell you that I truly believe that the 2000 election was hijacked by hackers and that we have been brainwashed to believe that our current electronic voting mishaps is being blamed on human error.  I believe that this is a cover up which explains why there have been so many server errors and viruses in the past.  Now it is time for damage control because they know that the Democrats will rule the Whitehouse, as well as, Congress.  They are covering their tracks.  I think we should all uncover our experiences and make it a law to combat hackers, as well as, make technological products workable or be taken off the market.  We should leave no room for error nor enable the use of playing with our political process and freedom.

Why is this happening now?  Because they are upset that their surveillance law did not pass and have to resort to the FISA courts.  So, now they are trying to blame things on servers, ISPs and other technological mishaps including human errors in order to point the finger to these variables rather than facing the heat that lie within the 30+ lawsuits facing the telecommunication companies that have helped them breach our privacy with warrantless wiretaps.

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AP and Bash Alliance?

Who is the head of the Associated Press (AP)?  Or, who is the one to decide that the AP can make a valid projection of the South Carolina Republican Primary?  I find it very interesting that the Associated Press has waited twice thus far to make their primary or caucus projection winner while CNN is getting live coverage by Bash.  It almost is too suspicious that the AP decision maker is probably Republican and using CNN live coverage to make their projection winner announcement in order to create Republican enthusiasm or somesort give them a little boost.  In addition, Bash was the one who reported that there was a host of undecided voters during the New Hampshire Primary and she is often hyping up her reports and talking extensively (long-winded reports), while visiting the unknowingly state primaries winner headquarters.  Or, is it known?  Is there some sort of AP and Bash alliance?  Even with thousands of votes left to be counted as CNNs John King correctly analyzed, the AP was so bold as to make their prediction.  In addition, once the projection has been announced then the votes that were left waiting to be counted come pouring into the results.  Isn’t that peculiar and suspicious?  Could the announcement be a method to give an OK to use voting fraud behind the scenes unknowingly?  I think John King made some very valid county analysis and the AP should wait for the votes to be counted and why are some counties waiting to report their results?  What is the big wait?  Do you need the AP to give the big green light?  The CNN live coverage from the projected winners headquarters?  It sure seems like it.  How can they get away with it?  Easy, the political analysts simply fill in the blanks in between new developments and the next confusion campaign takes place.

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Kady Malloy is Super Talented on American Idol

Kady Malloy from Houston, Texas briefly showcased her multiple singing styles but it was enough to be labeled “super, super talented” by American Idol judge Simon Cowell.

Kady Malloy sang three brief beautiful songs, which included one by Britney Spears.

In addition, Kady Malloy is gorgeous. She has very nice skin tone, a pretty face, lovely golden hair and a bod for talent. You can see her audition here:

Simon really liked her and so do I. Let’s see how she does in Hollywood.

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Undecided Voters & Electronic Voting Fraud

If there are so many undecided voters who have not made up their mind until they are within their voting booth, then that leads voting results vulnerable to hackers ability to hack electronic voting machines and sway the final results.

Is New Hampshire using electronic or paper based voting ballots?

I think every voter should vote via paper based ballot and not by electronic means. We should not leave any window for voting fraud by any domestic party hacker, third-party hacker or international hacker.

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Richardson & Obama Score in New Hampshire Debates

Governor Bill Richardson seems like a very diplomatic charismatic politician who has his sights on working together. I think he scored some good points tonight during the New Hampshire Debates. He seems to have a lot of experience as an executive of his state. I would vote for him.

Senator Hilary Clinton brings some good structured ideas but will that be enough? She does have former President Bill Clinton on her side to give her good advice. I may vote for her.

Senator Barack Obama is very articulate who thinks on his feet and makes some good points. I put him evenly with Governor Bill Richardson. I would vote for him.

Senator John Edwards seems like he is more of a fighter but will it just be focused domestically on corporations? I think he would make a very good Vice President with Barack Obama.

I still have not made up my mind on who I will vote but I think Governor Bill Richardson and Senator Barack Obama appeared as the most electable tonight.

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